All convertible tops, glass and plastic window assemblies, headliners, boot covers and interior components including seat kits, carpets kits, door panels and all other related items sold by our company are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of shipment.

We offer a 6 year (72 months) warranty on all convertible tops and hard glass window assemblies. Interior components and other associated products are warranted for five years (60 months). During the warranty period, warranty is limited to correcting the error or replacing the defective part to ensure satisfaction.

We reserve the right to determine if a warranty claim is valid. We may insist on receiving the item back for inspection. Digital photographs may be required to support requests for returns or exchanges. If item is being returned or exchanged because of improper fit, we also reserve the right to request the factory original to ensure satisfaction and correct any errors on our part. In the event of an exchange due to our error or defective part, we reserve the right to correct the error or replace the defective part to ensure satisfaction. All claims must be accompanied with a copy of the original invoice. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers or to any other third party.

Warranty does not cover damages resulting from incorrect installation, improper solution and cleaning methods, or any other misuse. Furthermore, warranty is void if damage is caused by misaligned, worn or improper function of top frame and failure to replace or use of its original components such as cables, rails and pads. Additionally, warranty is limited only to our products and does not include installation, removal or any other related occurrences.

Convertible Tops

All vinyl tops are produced with original equipment materials to guarantee their highest enduring qualities.
All canvas tops are made using original equipment solution-dyed acrylic materials to ensure maximum colorfastness. We guarantee all of our tops against material failure resulting in cracking, delamination, excessive shrinkage and severe discoloration during its warranty period. Six year (72 months) warranty.

Glass and Plastic Windows

There is no warranty coverage for breakage of glass windows during and after installation. The warranty guarantees against failure of bond (separation) between topping fabric and glass. Six year (72 months) warranty.

There is no warranty against scratches or discoloration of plastic windows that are part of the top or purchased separately as an assembly. Plastic windows are only guaranteed against separation from sewn, sealed or attached topping material as well as zipper (if any) and the plastic window. Six year (72 months) warranty.

Interior Products

All of our interior products and components are produced using original materials, colors and hardware whenever available and possible. We guarantee all of our interior products against material failure resulting in cracking, delamination and severe discoloration during its warranty period. Seat upholstery covers, carpet sets, door panels, wool headliners and canvas/leather boot covers are warranted for five years (60 months). Well liners, top pads, vinyl boot covers and vinyl/cloth headliners are warranted for six years (72 months). All other interior products and components not specifically mentioned above are warranted for one year (12 months).

Exclusion from Warranty

Installation: Failure to properly install and maintain product in accordance to owner's manual and accepted methods may cause irreversible damage to the product. Topsandseats.com shall not be held responsible for misuse or damages caused by not following accepted standard practices.

Alterations: Any item that has been altered, glued, damaged or punctured will void warranty.

Shrinkage/Fading: All materials whether canvas, vinyl or leather will experience some shrinkage and color fading due to the elements and its natural aging process.

Threads: Due to the nature of polyester threads and the elements, some level of fading can be expected over a certain period of time.

Natural Disasters: Warranties are not covered against damages resulting from natural or severe atmospheric conditions.

Miscellaneous: No warranty applies to velcro, zippers or any other plastic, rubber or metal parts.


Always first refer to owner's manual to follow recommended practices for proper care and maintenance for your particular model.

For additional tips, review our Basic Maintenance page.

Goods Damaged by Carrier

Immediately inspect items upon receipt for any damage during transit. Damage claims must be filed with carrier within 48 hours of carrier's recorded delivery date to its domestic destination. Delay in filing will result in forfeiting all damage claim rights.

There are no additional warranties or guarantees expressed or implied beyond what is contained in this page.