Convertible Tops

Once fitted on your car, you'll realize a world of difference a quality crafted new top can make. Whether in canvas or vinyl, a smooth and even constructed top starts with the highest grade first quality materials. Unlike mass producers, all of our tops are individually cut by computer guided precision cutting equipment. Each layer of material is individually inspected for flaws before processing and then cut separately to prevent material shifts. To ensure color and pattern consistency, every section of the top is cut from the same bolt of material; the result is an identical product every time. Then, using the finest Sunguard UVR bonded polyester thread, they are properly stitched and di-electrically heat sealed to prevent separation and leakage from the seams. Continuing to follow factory specifications, all glass and double pressed and polished plastic windows are DOT approved and feature the emblem to ensure compliance. As a result of these details, we can proudly guarantee a product that looks better, fits better and lasts longer.

Leather Interiors

When you've enjoyed the luxury of a leather car interior, you wouldn't settle for anything less. That's because only the finest European leather is used to make our seat covers and other interior components. Each lot of leather is carefully selected and tested stringently for exact grain, weight, texture and quality. Every inch of leather is color matched to assure that each seat cover, headrest, armrest, etc... purchased for your vehicle will not vary in the slightest from item to item. Then, using OEM seat covers/patterns, they are cut and delicately stitched using only the finest synthetic threads for durability. All embossing and perforation are done using precision embossing plates to produce an even and consistent pattern. All this to ensure that what you will get is a leather product that's strictly in a class of its own.

Carpet Kits

Once installed, you'll surely be reluctant to step onto your new carpet set. The quality of its original texture and color will bring forth that new car appearance all over again. Selected original carpet material are cut with OEM style patterns and bounded with either cloth or vinyl binding. Each style, type and color are matched to ensure factory standard and quality.

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