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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Auto replacement tops are gaining importance?

Auto replacement tops is a kind of automobile top which has the capability of both folding and pulling back. Two types of tops are made available they are hard and soft tops. Some car lovers go with the choice of softer tops while some prefer to go with the harder tops.

Those who opt for the hard Auto replacement tops will be able to watch that their top has the capability to get folded inwards and they are completely not known as convertibles. They are designed out of steel and are finished with vinyl or canvas as it goes well with the steel or any tough plastic structure.

Wide varieties of Auto replacement tops are available in the market with different techniques of folding styles. Some of them are designed which can be operated electrically while some are designed to be operated physically. In the former case of electronic tops, the driver of the car has to just press down the button and the top gets folded inwards behind the rear seat of car. In the later case the driver has to physically push down the top downwards or upwards as desired while traveling. This task has to be carried out only after the thorough understanding of manually operated replacements.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Convertible tops for open air vehicle

Convertible tops are referred to a kind of vehicle, which will be having roof that is bendable. This will be flexible enough which can be retracted and affixed whenever it's needed. Hence you can take pleasure from the weather whenever needed by retracting and folding away the Convertible top and making it has open air vehicle.

Many manufactures design their cars which will be having the feature of this flexible roof. Some of these convertibles can be detached while some it is not possible to do so. Convertible tops are hinged in fact, which will get folded away, into a gap which will be behind the rear seats, or else it will get folded in the boot of car. This flexible roof can be functioned automatically or manually with the help of hydraulic pressure or by the use of electrical connections.

To design and manufacture this convertible tops the fabric which is used are canvas or vinyl or else the usage of tough stuff like plastic, steel and aluminum. Cars which are designed in soft materials are referred as a cabrio or roadster. And one which is designed by hard materials is referred as coupe cabriolet.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to maintain your Auto replacement tops

When you are about to clean your auto replacement tops, ensure that you are making use of the genuine products which has been specifically designed to take care of your Auto replacement tops.

Experts or the manufactures recommends cleaning the Auto replacement tops once in every six months. Anyhow if you are parking your car in the open air that is not in the garage then it becomes a necessity to clean them in every three months. As the car is exposed to the direct sunlight (i.e.) in the open environment the chances of dust particles getting settle in them increases.

The cleaning of the replacement tops is not carried on the way which we like. Careful steps have to be taken and followed for the well-being of tops. Make use of the other supportive equipments like soft brush, duster, towel, top cleaner, cleaner for windows, and tapes for the paint. Once you assemble all this start cleaning your replacement top but not in direct sunlight. Also ensure that you are not cleaning the top when it is too hot. Always use the cleaners which are designed for such cleaning purpose and are suitable for the replacement tops.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Useful tips on how to clean your Convertible Tops

  • At the very first stage soak your convertible top completely.

  • With the help of a wet cloth or a mop widen cleaner above the top. In case if it is too dirty, then you must allow the cleaner to stay above the top for around 15 minutes in order to it from the dirt. To clean the stains you will be required to use the soft nylon brush.

  • Clean the top by way of spherical touch, carried out in smaller segments.

  • Clean the car vigilantly and be ensured enough that the cleanser is removed out totally.
  • Convertible tops
  • Purchase a protectant for your top and tremble it for a few moments in order to let the product to totally mix it up. After the product gets mixed up totally now sprinkle this protectant on a suds applicator and with the help of foam applicators apply it on the top.

  • Allow the protectant to get steeped it up for around 3 to 5 minutes and then use a soft, clean towel for making it dry.

  • With the help of a soft material gently keep the convertible top to dry up. Keep the top until the top is completed dried out and looks fresh.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Safe guard your seats by selecting best Auto seat covers

Auto seat covers are mostly designed to safeguard the car seats from daily corrosion. This seat covers also offer extreme comfort for the travelers and an additional style and looks to your car's interior. These seat covers are fundamentals to retain your seats everlastingly at their perfect form. They enfold the capability to hinder vicious stains from hoarding and ruination your upholstery.

To protect your seats from all the possible damages, these auto seat covers are necessary. They defend your seat covers from the daily rivals which can demolish your interior such as spilled ice cream, dropped liquids, pet hair, etc. By adopting the superior auto seat cover, you will be able to maintain the originality of your seats at its perfect condition which will still offer you the comfort feel. This are made available in a wide series of fashion, style and designs and will fit closely to the measurement of your seat. Auto seat covers offers absolute protection against vulnerability. There are many advantages of buying valuable seat covers. They are designed in such a way keeping in mind the terms of your seats and their requirements to get fixed perfectly.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take care of your Convertible tops

If you have just purchased your very first convertible tops, then get used with the fact of how to maintain your roof of the car. The task to maintain them its nit so complicated, but still it is essential to maintain your convertible tops in order for giving them a refresh looks and to perform great for years. Learn how to clean and maintain your convertible top. Always find a contented and a shady area to clean up your car. Wash off your top with a reasonably strong flow of hose to blow away any baggy dirt and debris.

With the help of car soap and soft bristles you can brush and clean the entire top evenly. Rinse away the foam when you are through with your activity. In some measure withdraw the roof to expose off the rubber seals that runs around the edges. Cautiously clean these with foamy water and your brush, and scrutinize them for cracks. If you make out the cracking, consider finding out a suitable rubber treatment solution from your local automobile supply store or take your vehicle to a mechanic shop for this treatment. Before closing the seals dry them up fully.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Auto interiors devise your car in your personal way!!

Car is termed as the most priceless asset of all the time and most favored vehicle to travel around. Most car lovers design and decorate their auto interiors as similar or as they design their home. The motive being behind this is of the fact that it locates us distant from the crowd of comparable cars.

Place where lots of people squander their time and by customizing the interior from an as bit as plain to as a latest set of floor mats to a fresh pair of seats.

  • Set up latest steering wheel it is one of the most favored changes which the most car owners can do. There are several brands existing in the market.

  • Car owners can also restore the shift knobs and floor pedals finished from aluminum or carbon fiber.

  • Restore normal seats with a new pair of sport seats, or restore with one-piece racing seats.

  • Cover the base by means of the custom floor mats. There are a wide range of mats accessible that skin texture of the logo or name of the car you are modifying.

  • Use Alcantara headliner to replace with the original headliner.

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