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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Interior Motives Student Design Awards-2009

During the Frankfurt motor show, the automotive design community conducted a glamorous awards ceremony for the industry's top future designers. Philip Woodman, a student of Coventry University designed an alpine sports vehicle and his vehicle was selected as the best for Interior Motives Design Awards 2009. The panel members were highly impressed on Woodman's concept. John Puskar, Designer Chief of auto interiors, GM Europe described it as "beautiful use of form vocabulary". While Adriana Monk, Design Director of Wally Yachts, pointed out its "elegancy, modernization and a precise interior with overall harmony".

This is the seventh year for awards ceremony. Hundreds of students from various design schools submitted their entries for the awards competition. There are eight specific awards categories and the finalists for each of these awards assembled at Frankfurt's renowned Cocoon Club which included students from colleges in Canada, China, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States of America. Top designers from all over the world gathered at the function to get more ideas so that those ideas shall be implemented in the cars for future.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Faurecia's plans plant for Volkswagen

A trade publication says, one of Volkswagen's biggest suppliers is making out a plan to build a plant to support the automaker's Chattanooga facility in North America. Chattanooga's economic development agency has also had some conversation with the company. The Automotive News has identified the supplier to be Faurecia - French parts supplier. J. Ed. Marston, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce's Vice President of marketing said that, they had conversed with Faurecia, but at this time they had no further information to provide about company's idea of building an additional factory. Even Faurecia's communication director, Stacie Tong answer was she too didn't have any details regarding this issue. Last month, Volkswagen's Chattanooga operations' Chief Executive, Frank Fischer said that seven potential companies could locate in a supplier park which is designated to go up next to Volkswagen's auto assembly plant, he also pointed out that seat and exhaust system suppliers could locate in the park.

Yann Delabriere, Chief Executive of Faurecia, told Automotive News that the company will supply the Chattanooga plant with parts from each of its four business segments which includes seats, interior trim, exteriors and exhaust systems. According to the release by automotive news, Faurecia's President, Michael Heneka, said that the company does not mix the production of seats and interiors with exhaust systems, because usually seat plants are built close to a final-assembly plant. Baxter Krause- a recruiting firm of Atlanta, its managing partner Kevin Krause said at the beginning of this year in Chattanooga that Faurecia has already informed us that it would needs around 300 people at a facility area to supply the Volkswagen's plant, which is expected to start production in early 2011. Mr. Delabriere said that it is not possible to predict that how much Faurecia will spend for Chattanooga's plant. He also said that Faurecia has no plans for a technical centre in Chattanooga.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Convertible tops are essential?

Convertible top is a kind of automobile top that has the capacity of both folding and pulling back. They are moreover soft and hard tops, greater part of people desire soft tops but there are some segments of the people that opt for hard tops. Hard tops include the ability to fold inwards and they are not frequently recognized as convertibles. They are describing as retractable hardtops as of the frames that they have are finished out of steel. These tops are finished both from canvas or vinyl that fits with steel or a tough plastic frame.

There is broad variety of convertible tops obtainable with diverse folding methods, whilst a few are electrically operational and some are to be maintained physically. The electric tops are available with a withdrawal method that has been intended to fold up and unfold the frame, this is identified as power tops. The driver desires to just press on a button and the top fold up inwards or goes upwards. The manual tops need the driver to get rid of the top's handle from the windshield and then he wants to physically push the top downwards. The procedure sounds hard but it is vital to note down that when it is virtually done after an understanding it will be a simple task on the whole.

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